Costa Brava cycling tours, training routes & MTB

In Girona and the Costa Brava, cycling is everywhere. Here we look at all aspects of cycling, from the leisurely greenways to the pro training routes and from touring the region using pedal power to serious mountain biking. 

Want to get around your beach resort using pedal power as transport? Maybe even tour the Costa Brava, cycling from village to village and sampling the great food and wine along the way? Or get off-road and enjoy the countryside while cycling along former railway lines?

Maybe that all sounds too leisurely to you. How about try out one of the training routes used by pros? If you’re a serious road cyclist then Girona and the Costa Brava is ideal.

From Easter it is common to encounter groups of riders on many of the roads surrounding Girona, often with a support vehicle.

The spring is perfect for cycling before the intense heat of summer. Little wonder so many world class cyclists have made Girona their home over the years.

What we cover

In this series of articles we’ll look at cycling culture in Girona and the Costa Brava and examine the different options available to you and covers the following areas:

  • Hiring a bike on the coast
    Perhaps you want a bike to get you around your resort while on holiday. If so, this is for you. You probably don’t consider yourself to be a cyclist as such. But you do appreciate the ease of getting around and not having to fight for parking.
  • Why Girona became a pro-cycling hub
    Girona is the European hub for English-speaking pro-cyclists. Put on the map by the bad boy of pro-cycling, Lance Armstrong, nearly 100 pro-cyclists live in the city. Here we take a look at how Girona became the cycling hub it is today.
  • Take your bike… or hire?
    If you’re really serious about cycling I bet you’re proud of your bike and wouldn’t want to ride anything else. Here we look at the pros and cons of both transporting your bike to Girona and the Costa Brava versus hiring a decent bike locally and which shops to go to.
  • The greenways
    The province of Girona has four “greenways” used exclusively for hiking and cycling. Once railway lines running from Girona, the greenways provide fairly flat paths that are relatively easy on a mountain bike or tourer. You won’t make it with the skinny tyres of a road bike though.
  • Touring by bike
    If you want to tour Girona and the Costa Brava by bike then in this article we dive into some of your options. And if you’re looking to compare your times with the pros then we also look at the best-known pro training routes and suggest circuits that take them in.
  • Mountain biking
    Want to get completely off-road and need something more challenging than the greenways? Here we look at where you can find some great trails for mountain bikes and lose yourself in the mountains of Costa Brava and Girona province.

This is intended for casual cyclists as well as anyone planning on putting in moderate or serious mileage while visiting.


OK, that’s a fairly comprehensive overview of cycling the Costa Brava and Girona.

If there is anything you think I’ve missed or plain got wrong then let me know in the comments below!

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