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At one time tarnished by a reputation for low-cost package tours, today the reality of the Costa Brava is quite different.


The term Costa Brava was first used in 1908 by Catalan journalist Ferran Agulló to describe the rugged coastline running from Blanes up to Banyuls in France and while there are long stretches of sand along the coast, one of the typical images of the Costa Brava is of rocky coves, pebble beaches and pine covered cliffs plunging into the sea.

Certainly some areas have been spoilt by the construction boom that started in the 1960s but equally there are areas completely protected against construction. Planning laws are also far more restrictive than they were in the past. Yes, towns like Lloret de Mar cater for the sun and cheap booze brigade but much of the 200+ kilometre coastline remains completely unspoilt.

In this guide you’ll find details about all seaside towns on the Costa Brava, which will help you reach an informed decision when holiday planning or buying a second home. And if anything in the guide is unclear or you have any questions or comments you can email me using the contact form here.


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