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For many people the Costa Brava means rocky coves with pebble beaches and pine covered cliffs plunging into the sea. For others it is sand stretching beyond the horizon and lazy days in the sunshine.

Pines and rocky coastline on the Costa Brava

For me the Costa Brava is both of those. But it also means long summer evenings spent on the terrace with great food. It means a bottle of wine shared with family and friends. And it means chatting into the early hours and the sound of laughter.

The Costa Brava is also the tramuntana gusting powerfully off the Pyrenees. I believe the locals when they say this icy wind can drive you mad.

It also means chopping firewood for the winter. And eating hearty soups and stews. It means mushroom festivals and calçotades, wine fairs, craft beers and artisanal cheese.

I’ve been living in Catalonia since 2001, first in Barcelona. But since 2010 I’ve lived in La Selva at the south of the Costa Brava. But I also know the Alt and Baix Empordà and the stark beauty of Cap de Creus with its remarkable rock formations.

Port de la Selva: Cap de Creus in the northern Costa Brava has distinctive rock formations

I want to show you where to find the real Costa Brava and enjoy the area to the full. That may be all you need.

But I also know about doctors and dentists, the health service and private medical insurance. Also about vets and mechanics, house and car insurance, pet food, the tax man, boiler repairs and plumbers.

So who is this website for? You’ll probably find Costa Brava Lifestyle useful if you are…

  • Planning a beach holiday in an area with plenty of unspoilt natural beauty but also want access to more comprehensive facilities.
  • Looking to buy somewhere to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, some sunshine and great food. This can be a holiday home, a permanent move or something in-between.
  • Already living in the Costa Brava area and want English language tips and advice on life here. And some of the advice applies generally to Spain too.

And who is it not for? On the flip side you’re probably not going to find much of interest if you…

  • Think a good night out means staying up until dawn at a foam party and an STD is a badge of honour.
  • Want to steer clear of local delicacies and will exist on a diet of vodka and chips.
  • Plan to sleep off your hangover on the beach while working on your lobster tan.

Although Club 18-30 made their name in Lloret de Mar they no longer operate there. But maybe you should try Magaluf.

On Costa Brava Lifestyle you can forget about mass tourism and high rise buildings. Yes, the Costa Brava can be that in places. Lloret de Mar has nothing of the fishing village it once was due to unchecked construction over decades. The area south of Palamós isn’t much to talk about either.

But today the planning laws are strictly enforced on the coast and building right on the seafront is strictly prohibited.

What I’m planning to cover over the coming months:

  • The best of the Costa Brava (and what to avoid).
  • In-depth info on the most popular coastal towns.
  • What to see and do on the coast and inland.
  • Info on the best hotels, hostals, pensions, apartments, villas and campsites.
  • Advice on moving here such as how to get a tax ID.
  • Sensible advice on day-to-day living.

If you can’t find it on the website then get in contact and I’ll get back to you. And if I think it’s something that might be useful for other people I’ll add your question and my response to the website.

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